Buffalo Hide

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Buffalo Hide

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Have you always wanted that amazing Bison (American buffalo) winter hide to have on the bed or couch, for those cold cold winter nights, or just to hang on the wall in the cabin? 

A uniquely American tradition, tanned bison hide has been used to warm and decorate homes for thousands of years. During the winter the robe is at its densest and most lustrous and makes for the best hides.

 Our winter bison hides display a range of rich and deep hues, from dark coffee brown to golden caramel. The fur is soft and thick, making it ideal as a rug or throw to chase away the cold. Next to the hearth, for the bed, or on the back of a chair, add texture and warmth to any room.

 These are prime winter bison hides,  tanned by one of the best ever tanners in the USA, perfect for your couch, bed, or even as a rug.  They are garment tanned, and butter soft.  We also have the larger robes, still beautiful, not trimmed or sewn, but with some imperfections (knife nicks or small cuts) that make them better suited towards becoming a coat, vest, or just on the couch at the cabin.