Springbuck Pillow

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Springbuck Pillow

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A beautiful African handcrafted Springbok hide cushion

Genuine African Springbuck skin cushion from South Africa with zipper for inserting stuffing.

The Springbuck roams in most South African game reserves and is found mainly in Southern Africa. African Springbuck hides are obtained during the culling season in South Africa and Namibia and all Springbuck pelt/skin are CITES approved to ensure that there has been no illegal culling or poaching of these pelts. The Springbuck is known as Springbok in South Africa. We are registered with KZN Wildlife in South Africa and are an approved to sell hide products such as these Springbok cushions.Springbuck skin cushions

Springboks are reddish brown to chocolate brown in color with a cream underside. They have a white stripe called a crest that runs from the small of their back to the base of their tail. Springbok hide is extremely durable and unique in its design with a white spine which, as the leather softens, begins to stand on end.

- As each Springbok hide is unique, the shades and patterns on each cushion will vary.
- These gorgeous cushions are tanned in South Africa's most reputable tannery and selected for their quality, softness and shine.
- Spot clean with warm water and mild soap. Allow to dry naturally.